What Should You Ask Before Leasing A Photocopier?

What Should You Ask Before Leasing A Photocopier

Even though we’ve evolved and so has everything around us, some things like the photocopier still remain essential equipment, especially in offices. Finding the right photocopier leasing machine is as important as finding the right company. It ensures your admin department works smoothly, therefore boosting your company’s success. To help ease your decision, here are a few questions to ask before finalizing your decision.

What Is the Average Printing Volume?

Before you go ahead and start looking for photocopiers, it is best first to identify the number of prints that take place each day, as this majorly affects the pricing. A machine that prints smaller volumes would most likely be cheaper than a device that is capable of printing in high amounts. The photocopier should be able to withstand your printing capacity. If your budget allows, you can lease a machine that comes equipped with advanced features that will improve the efficiency of your organization.

Photocopier Leasing

Do You Need Monochrome or Colored Prints?

Another factor to consider is whether you need a black and white photocopier or one that also provides color prints. Sure, the latter may seem like a tempting offer as you then have the liberty to print both monochrome and color prints. However, it is wise to opt for a photocopier that produces monochrome prints, as you can always outsource colored copies.

Is It A Single Unit-Device or Shared?

Earlier, companies were limited to just using standalone photocopiers. This means they would have to physically walk up to the machine and print or copy the required document. However, as technology progresses, these machines are being built with modern tech and better networking capabilities. Through this feature, employees can send a command either through their phones, desktop, or laptop. Employees are then not only offered convenience; it also prevents delays in work. So, before leasing, ask the company whether it is a standalone or networked photocopier machine.

Is It A Single Unit-Device or Shared

Does It Offer Double-Sided Printing?

A double-sided printer has proven to be an excellent approach for companies to save on costs. Simply put, a double-sided printer allows users to print copies on both sides of the paper at one time. It is a great way to save on paper and also be more environmentally friendly.

What Paper Size Does It Print?

Unlike construction and architectural companies who need to print larger paper sizes regularly, if the majority of printing in your office is done on an A4 size paper, you may want to consider leasing a photocopier smaller in size. It saves space and is more affordable.

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