Guide to Help You Choose the Perfect Day Care for Your Dog

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In a city like Dubai, where everyone has busy schedules, a dog daycare center is an ideal solution for busy pet parents. After all, you don’t want to leave them home alone all day. That said, you also need to ensure you find them a caring and professional pet daycare center like Pets in The City. Just as how you wouldn’t leave your children unsupervised at home, the same should be applied for your pets as well. How do you go about looking for the right pet daycare in Dubai, given the number of centers available? Fret not, as we bring to you a few tips that will help ease the decision-making process.

Guide to Help You Choose the Perfect Day Care for Your Dog

Visit the Pet Day Care

Unlike online shopping, picking daycare for your pet shouldn’t be done from your home’s comfort. It’s essential to tour the place so you have a better understanding of the facilities available, the equipment, the environment, staff behavior with other pets, safety features, and additional related information that you may require. Other than this, you should also have a look at their cleaning area, examine the walls and floors and washroom facility (if any), as it helps give you a better understanding of whether they maintain a clean and hygienic environment. Lastly, take note of the safety features around and see if they have it all in check. Do not hesitate to ask any questions in case of any doubts.

Do They Ask for Medical Records?

When selecting a pet daycare, take note of whether they ask for your pet’s health record. If they skip on asking you it, there is a high chance that they might be following the same with other pet owners. You also need to check if they ask about any allergies or special conditions and what should be done during an emergency. This shows that they are professional and are genuinely interested in caring for your dog.

Do the Company Ask for Medical Records

They Only Hire Experienced Dog Trainers

While we pride ourselves on not following this, many pet daycares hire inexperienced and unprofessional employees to handle dogs. So, when considering a facility, this should actually be number in your list, as you need to be sure that your pet is in the right hands. We understand that handling dogs can often be a challenging task. So, we have only hired experienced and professional trainers who can easily manage them, help them socialize, and spend quality time with them.

They Conduct Activities for Your Dog

Before finalizing on a pet daycare, it would be helpful to ask whether they conduct any activities for dogs. These training often help dogs with development and modify their behavior. In fact, we’ve had many dog owners who have told us that they see a notable change in their dog’s behavior over time. Most of the activities also help in building character.

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