How Do I Apply for a Family Visa for the UAE?

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If you want to stay in any part of the UAE with your family, then you need to apply for a family visa. There are some definite procedures that you should follow in order to get the visa without any administrative hassles.

It is actually a wise step to consult with a reliable service provider that is involved in processing family visa Dubai. You would know about the different technical aspects of applying and following up the process.

It is rather a simple task to go by the instructions of applying for a family visa, as explained in the rest of this article.

Getting Your Documents Organized

The first step in obtaining the visa for your family is to have all types of documents in place. You must have the sponsoring documents, along with foreign ministry certifications organized in your application file. Also, if you have kids, you should have their birth certificates in place. The tenancy contract pertaining to your address in any of the cities in UAE is also a crucial document. Moreover, if you intend to bring your parents, then you need to show an amount of about 20,000 Dirham per month.

Getting in Touch with an Amer Center

An Amer Center is an administrative center in UAE that takes charge of processing your visa file. The offices are spread across various UAE regions. You can visit any of the centers and initiate the process of applying for a family visa. The Amer Center would expedite the release of an e-visa for your family.

Processing the Medical Tests

It is mandatory to get the requisite medical tests of your family members done by the concerned authorities. The administrative offices should have the responsibility of conducting the required medical tests. You need to get the reports from the authorities in order to further process the visa application. There are relevant charges for the tests that you should pay.

Getting the Exclusive Emirates ID

In order to get the Emirates ID for your family members, it is compulsory to showcase your own ID, and the photographs of your family members. Also, you should submit the application requesting the ID.

Obtaining the Mandatory Health Insurance

Obtaining health insurance is one of the most crucial elements of visa application. You need to procure it from a reliable and certified source in the UAE.

Getting the Family Visa Stamped

The ultimate step in the process is getting the family visa neatly stamped from the concerned authorities.

Talking to Visa Experts

You need to talk to visa experts about UAE embassy attestation procedures for obtaining family visas.

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