Artificial Intelligence Shapes the Future of eLearning

Artificial Intelligence Course in Dubai

Artificial Intelligence is a technology that will have an ever-greater effect on our future. As a matter of fact, it is already present and is being used in several ways. For starters, the autonomous cars being tested across varied locations. Then we have Facebook that makes use of chatbots with simple AI engines and the famous Amazon Alexa. If you are considering taking the artificial intelligence course in Dubai at Knowledge Hub, this article is for you. We cover how AI will shape the future of eLearning.

Create Content

AI is also experimenting with the development or production of new material. That said, the AI is already in existence, helping generate responses on these eLearning courses. They are soon going to be used in producing an entire content, thereby drastically reducing the load on instructional designers.

Artificial Intelligence Shapes the Future of eLearning

Understand Human Language

The AI system is equipped with a feature that allows them to process and converse with students in various human languages. Through this feature, students can speak to instructors in their native language, therefore enhancing communication. In addition to making learning easy, it also ensures a more engaging and efficient approach to studying.

Improve Lives of Specially Abled Children

Another added benefit with AI is its ability to enhance the lives of children with disabilities. For instance, the Seeing AI feature is a free application developed to facilitate those who are visually impaired. Through this feature, students can read the text, recognize products, describe scenes, and people near them, including identifying emotions by facial expressions.

Delivers Accurate Results

One of the significant issues that students face while learning is the inability to instantly clearing any confusion that they might have. It could either be out of fear as they don’t want to appear less intelligent or perhaps because the tutor is unavailable on that day. Or they would probably not want to interrupt their class to look it up online. Either way, students must ask queries immediately, or it may complicate the learning process further. By integrating AI into the course, students no longer have to rely on the internet or the teacher, as they will provide instant and accurate responses.

Artificial Intelligence Delivers Accurate Results

Customize Teaching Methods

Providing each individual learner with the same type of content is a very traditional approach in corporate training. It can be very difficult for a teacher to care for every learner’s needs and meet them. This one-size-fits-all solution is certainly not suitable, because everyone has their own learning style and speed. With AI, however, one can easily track the student’s previous performance and use that data to alter their current teaching method. It’s very useful for educators as they are aware of their weaknesses and can then improve based on the data provided.

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